About Me

He was born in Rome and showed an interest in photography since an early age.

He went to college and studied architecture, but after only 3 years he decided that photography was his real call and dedicated himself to it full time. His first love was set photography, Cinema at first and Theatre after.

In the early 80’s he started cooperating with a studio in Rome that was into advertisement as well as industrial photography. During this time he managed to refine his black and white printing skills.

It is only in the second half of the 80’s that, having moved to Milan, he started working with some of the most notorious fashion magazines, such as Vogue Italy, Elle, Cosmopolitan. Meanwhile he was also publishing with many other important weekly and monthly titles, both nationally and internationally.

For about 20 years he has devoted himself almost entirely to fashion and advertisement.

Those projects kept him busy mostly from a commercial point of view and therefore he started cultivating a more personal research.

Intrigued personally by Glamour, his work in the field has lead him to cooperate with rather notorious Heads like Maxim, GQ and Playboy. Meanwhile his research in erotic photography has lead him also into publishing books with Taschen and other important publisher.

Nowadays he is more concentrated into his personal research in Eroticism, and he spends most of his time organising exhibitions and getting his latest photography book finished.